TML Academic Framework



We first meet with the student and parent(s) to ascertain attitudes about school, interests, learning style preferences, and how to improve academic performance. The student is also assessed in the particular subject area of concern. The assessment provides us with a baseline for evaluation of the student’s progress as well as the program’s effectiveness.


Based on the result of the assessment, the Learning Action Plan (LAP) is developed. The curriculum is designed with the specific student in mind, resulting in a personalized study plan. We periodically check-in with the students and parents to ensure that their specific academic need continues to be met.


Each student receives his or her own Academic Coach that will provide them with one-on-one tutoring to ensure that their specific academic needs are met.


The Tailor Made Learning experience will result in not only improvements in academic performance but in your child’s ability to utilize the skills obtained in other areas in life.  We do not only teach academics, but we also teach each student how to learn, thus empowering them will skills that will be with them throughout their lives.