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Standardized tests are being implemented more and more often across all grade levels.  Where once students only thought of the SAT as the one standing between the and colleges across the country, the ACT is now an increasingly attractive option, too.  For those middle school students still several years from college, there are the HSPT, SSAT, or ISEE to contend with.  Standardized testing, however, does not have to be daunting, and with a proper plan and preparation, any of these exams can be comfortably taken, thereby helping students move one step closer to their college or high school goals.  


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Course Dates

  • October 29, All Sections
  • November 1, SAT Math
  • November 3, SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
  • January 12, All Sections
  • February 4, Evidece-Based Reading and Writing
  • February 5, Math only
  • March 2, All Sections
  • March 4, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing only
  • March 5, Math only