Tailor Made Learning test prep services offer proven test preparation programs that include all the elements you need to be ready for your college or high school entrance exams.  We'll set you on a path to success with a personalized learning/study plan based on diagnostic testing to help you strengthen your weak areas and stay on track.  You will experience a full practice exam and learn tips and techniques that will hep improve your score.

80% of the students who complete our SAT Program increase their score between 150 and 390 points.
ACT students increase their composite score between 3 and 5 points.

Strategies, Tips, and Tricks are a series of classes and workshops for students desiring to prepare for ACT and SAT tests in a classroom or online environment.

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Tailor Made Learning offers Educational Support and Tutoring Services that range from K-12 Core Subjects to extensive Test Prep programs.  We have everything a student needs to succeed!  Our talented tutors and individualized teaching style based on a customized learning plan get results!

It's simple.  Whether your child needs to "Catch up, Keep up, or Get Ahead: in school, personalized one-on-one /small-group attention at home or in a comfortable atmosphere makes a difference.  We cover all grades and all core subjects!

As a stand alone service or supplement for mobile instruction, Tailor Made Learning also provides online private tutoring as the ideal method for receiving instruction in spite of tight schedules or geographic limitations.  The lessons are provided through our online portal that is fully equipped with audio and video, whiteboard technology, and document uploading capabilities.  A tablet, laptop, or desktop with a web cam and internet service is all that is required.  Learn more....

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Tailor Made Learning SPEP is an academic enrichment program with an emphasis on inquiry-based learning for K-12 students. The program is not meant to supplant the regular school curriculum; rather, it recognizes the importance of allowing children to explore additional areas of science, math, study skills, and entrepreneurship.

Behaviors fostered by this program include the ability to:

• Apply process skills used in individual field of inquiry
• Recognize problems and approaches to problem-solving
• Understand and appreciate individual differences, and
• Become a self-directed learner

SPEP is one of the program offerings at Tailor Made Learning. For more information about this program and other academic services, please contact Tailor Made Learning at (866) 575-2716.

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It can be difficult for parents of homeschooled students to find both the teaching time and necessary academic resources to ensure a high-quality learning program. For this reason, many parents turn to homeschool tutors whose presence not only ease the workload for parents but can also expose the student to other styles of teaching.

A Tailor Made Learning homeschool tutor can work with parents to ensure the student is given the best education possible and the complementary knowledge needed to pursue further education. We offer tutoring to students at all grade levels in subjects such as:  Math, Reading, English, Grammar, Writing Composition, Science, Social Studies, and more!  

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