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What do I need to do to host a College Prep Genius Boot Camp?
Hosting a class is simple and easy. All you need is an adequate facility and a minimum number of students, and we’ll provide the rest! 

Are there any benefits to being a boot camp host?

As a class host, your student will attend the class for free and you'll receive other perks.*

What is included in a live boot camp class?
Our boot camp class is a 20-hour workshop series that an be divided into a 4-, 5- , or 10-day sessions . It’s perfect during or after school or weekends. Our class is suited for public, private and home school groups.  Click here for more details.

Is a live boot camp better than the Strategies, Tips, & Tricks eCourse?

Both our boot camp and eCourse teach our effective strategies.  The live boot camp gives students a chance to interact with one of our certified instructors, ask questions and get a great introduction to the program.  See a comparison here.

Can parents attend the boot camp class?
Parents are welcome to sit in with their paid student with these stipulations:

1. There is enough room in the classroom.
2. Parents sit at the back. (not with their student)
3. Adults are quiet-no chit-chatting.
4. They hold all their questions until the end of class. (No interrupting the teacher.)

Please contact host (host info) to check room availability.

Bonus eCourse 12-month


Included in the live bootcamp:


Homework Guide (PDF Download)

20- hour live boot camp